Nebula Stashguard

Leaving your Herbs & Spices exposed to unfiltered light can quickly dry them and out and make them lose all potency, sometimes in a matter of hours. With our carefully crafted range of UV Storage Jars and Containers, you can dramatically reduce the decaying process and help to prolong the life and freshness of your contents.

The Nebula StashGuard Jars are manufactured from a dark purple pigmented glass, this is specially designed to filter out most natural light. It will only allow the light through that protects and improves the quality of your herbs. The only light that the Nebula StashGuard will let through is UV-A and infra red light. This combination will offer the best protection against the processes that visible light release. What this means is that it will lengthen the freshness and potency of your herb over time. Our products are developed and laboratory tested to provide the best storage and preservation solution.

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