Nebula Grande Slow Juicer



Nebula have been perfecting the art of making juice for years.

Our Tear Drop Auger has been specifically designed to cope with anything you put through it. Designed with power and stability in mind, its simplicity and shape guarantees it will yield more juice than ever before, and remain strong enough for any produce which passes through it.

A Robust 45RPM Motor ensures that every bit of juice is squeezed from your produce giving you dry pulp and maximum extraction.

The perfect combination of Power & Speed.

Each Nebula Grande Juicer has been hand assembled to ensure the highest quality.

Nebula Grande uses commercial grade induction motors specifically built for Nebula; built to be up to all your juicing needs.

Nebula are so confident in their State Of The Art Motors, the entire juicer comes with a 5 year warranty.

One button control with a forward and a reverse function; nothing could be simpler.

You want juice; it gives you juice.

The Nebula Grande juicer boasts an extra large feed tube so fruit and vegetables can be easily juiced. This saves on preparation time and chopping into small pieces.

The Nebula Grande has been designed so that it is safe and effective, with a safety lock when not in use.

Unlike so many Juicers today, Nebula Grande lets you choose whether you want to keep the fibre or kick it out!

A simple choice.

With safety our key priority, our product comes with a magnetic safety lock.

The juicer will not operate unless the lid and parts are assembled in the correct position.


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FREE Nebula Grande Sorbet Sieve


Introducing the Nebula Grande Slow Juicer

The Nebula Grande juicer is a revolution in juicing. With its sleek design, high build quality and ability to yield the maximum amount of juice. It is no wonder that the Nebula Grande is one of the most advanced juicers available.

We have designed and created a product which is simple to use, easy to clean and will produce incredible amounts of juice. Boasting a Pure Juice Strainer and Fibre Boost Strainer, creating the perfect juice for your health and lifestyle has never been easier.

Using our specifically designed recipes targeted to fit in with your health needs, start creating your own amazing juices today.

Easy to assemble & BPA Free with 5 Year Guarantee on Motor, 2 Years on Parts

The body of a Nebula juicer is made out of high grade ABS material for the timeless look. It has a sleek design and all our parts are made out of BPA free super tough poly-carbonates which are up to 10x stronger than tradition plastics.

Juice Cap

The juice cap allows the produce to mix perfectly in the bowl whilst juicing to give the best consistency, and the most fantastic tasting juice possible. This means no more mixing your juice. Just pour, and enjoy.

XL Auger

Our Auger has been specifically designed to cope with anything you can put through it. Designed with power and stability in mind, it simplicity and shape ensure it will yield more juice than ever before, and remain strong enough for any produce which passes through it.

Low Noise in Operation

With the Nebula Grande there is only our auger moving at 45RPM. So its quiet as a whisper when in operation.

Cleaning Just Takes Moments

All parts are dishwasher safe at low temperatures, or easily cleaned in seconds using the cleaning tool provided. Also, using the easy clean method you can just rinse your juicer to pre-clean in-between different flavoured juices.

Easy To Carry

The juicer has a specially designed handle. This is to ensure you can move the juicer around easily.

Sorbet Strainer **Available Extra**

We have a sorbet strainer to create perfectly chilled desserts using frozen fruits. SOLD SEPARATELY

What's In The Box?

Juicer Body
XL Auger
Spinning Brush
Pure Juice Strainer
Fibre Boost Strainer
Juice Container
Pulp Container
Cleaning Brush
Nebula Recipe Card
Instruction Manual



Black, Red, Silver

Customer Reviews

Based on 17 reviews
Lorraine Stewart

It took me months to choose this juicer I just couldn’t make up my mind and the only reason was, 1. I have never had one
2. I didn’t know anything about them
So wasn’t sure how much to pay
3. I’m so pleased I could afford this one as I have only used it twice at the moment but it’s so easy to use and clean,, a big, but what will hold a lot will also hold a little,
Just buy this one, it’s brilliant and the service and delivery second to none.

Subhdra Patel
Juice has too much pulp

I find the juice had too much pulp, I’m having to strain the juice before drinking. Previous customer reviews mention the same issue and said it would settle down after more use, so I’m hoping this would be the case. Plus I am putting the plup through a second time since it is very wet. Will this settle down too? This for carrot and apple.

Deborah Halliday
Fantastic juicer - highly recommend 😊

We love it , it is easy to use ( once you learn how to set it up) takes little time to clean and gives plenty of juice and dry pulp. Very good quality , quiet compared to most. I’m so glad I found this and I bought direct. We enjoy, celery juice, orange juice, and have been trying the recipes that come with the juicer. 5 stars ⭐️.. we love it!! 😍

Annabelle Reynolds
Just a few tweaks and it could be perfect

Love this product! Looks amazing and takes up very little counter space, really easy to use and clean. Aside from the fact I would prefer it to be mat black like the pictures the only other tweak would be the juicer container - it’s really hard to pour from as it has no spout so I’ve had to buy a jug, I also made sure the replacement jug has a lid as I don’t always drink all the juice at once and I like to keep it in the fridge

Mrs R Vallance
Definitely chose the right one.

I researched lots of different juices and did not want to pay just shy of five hundred pounds for one! This juicer works really well. I’m careful about chopping celery into small chunks and juice the softer items first then put the harder things in, like carrot. I’ve had no blockages. The recipes supplied work really well and taste great.
It is tricky to put together so the video you can find on their site was a godsend. I’m quite practical by nature but still needed to see it to put it together first time. It is tricky to lift the juicing unit away from the main body of the machine and to re-attach. It requires just the right lift and pull or push and twist! If you suffer from weak hands it may not be a good buy. It says in the instructions not to use it for longer than half an hour and this is important so if you are wanting to juice a lot in one go this may not be the machine for you. Cleaning is easy to do by hand just as soon as you are finished put it it warm soapy water, rinse and leave to drain and dry-very straight forward. It’s well made and well thought out I’m very pleased as I was not sure if I could justify a juicer but since it arrived I’ve used it almost every day!

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