Nebula LED Red Light Therapy Device for Face & Body 660/850nm (600W)



An innovative and effective way to nourish your face and body, this red-light therapy system utilizes 660nm-850nm wavelengths in a 1:1 nanometer ratio to revitalize skin, reduce joint pain and restore natural energy.

Our devices are third party tested for safe levels of EMF

Our LED red light therapy panel provides a unique salon-like experience that may help replenish your body and reduce signs of early aging, ideal to diminish wrinkles and fine lines while lowering recovery times.

A large, versatile design. You can sit close to use red-light therapy to tone and tighten skin on your face or stand with your whole body fully exposed to target stiff knees, sore lower back, aching muscles and more.

This easy-to-use red light therapy device lets you quickly use between red, near infrared, or combined wavelengths for further customizing your personal recovery and therapy needs.

The Nebula LED red light unit offers clinical-grade therapeutic support for all your in-home treatment goals. It’s energy efficient, gentle on skin and enhances overall cellular energy production.

With the trolley, you will be able to move the Nebula Red Light Device around with ease and will be able to pivot it 360 degrees. No brackets, or hooks required unlike other red light devices.

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Mark Webb
Nebula 600w LED Red Light Therapy Panel Review

Nebula 600w LED Red Light Therapy Panel Review

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After a fall a while ago I started developing arthritis in my hand. I found that a red light LED therapy pen helped the swelling and inflammation to go down very quickly and I became a fan of the technology. I decided to buy a red light therapy panel. First I bought a small 60 LED panel and then decided to get a larger one. I chose this 120 LED panel since it seemed to be of decent quality - there are too many cheap and low quality red light therapy devices out there - and although from a different company, it seemed to share the design and appearance of my smaller panel and importantly it was the least expensive panel of this type I could find. There is an optional trolley on wheels for this unit but at £60 (and currently out of stock) I decided to pass on that.

In the box was the light box itself, a UK power lead, a pass-through power lead, a door hanging kit with wrench, a set of protective goggles and a useful and well written user guide. Build quality throughout is from metal, heavy duty and almost of military grade robustness.

The panel has 120 LEDs, 60 each of 850nm and 66nm wavelengths and is rated at 600w max power consumption. There is a large control panel on the side with large clicky power switches for the 660 and 850nm wavelengths which can be used together or separately. There is a power in port and another power out port which I use with the supplied pass-through cable to connect my smaller panel. Unlike my smaller unit, and disappointing for the price, this device has no built-in timer, which is a pity.

Here are the output levels at various distances from the panel
112 mw/cm² @ 3”
101 mw/cm² @ 6”
81.2 mw/cm² @ 9”
67.1 mw/cm² @ 12”

So how well does it work? After a couple of weeks of use in conjunction with my smaller panel (one twenty minute session daily), I do seem to be feeling more alert and active. Also, my arthritis is certainly no worse and in fact seems less troublesome than before. I will keep on with it as most users say the real benefits come with long term use.

This is not a cheap device at £219, although the market leaders cost much more, but it is very well made and easy to use and so far as I can tell works well. I am impressed so far with the results and certainly plan to keep on with red light therapy and may even invest in some other more specialised red light therapy devices.

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