Nebula LED Red Light Therapy Device for Face & Body 660/850nm (300W)



An innovative and effective way to nourish your face and body, this red-light therapy system utilizes 660nm-850nm wavelengths in a 1:1 nanometer ratio to revitalize skin, reduce joint pain and restore natural energy.

Our devices are third party tested for safe levels of EMF

Our LED red light therapy panel provides a unique salon-like experience that may help replenish your body and reduce signs of early aging, ideal to diminish wrinkles and fine lines while lowering recovery times.

A large, versatile design. You can sit close to use red-light therapy to tone and tighten skin on your face or stand with your whole body fully exposed to target stiff knees, sore lower back, aching muscles and more.

This easy-to-use red light therapy device lets you quickly use between red, near infrared, or combined wavelengths for further customizing your personal recovery and therapy needs.

The Nebula LED red light unit offers clinical-grade therapeutic support for all your in-home treatment goals. It’s energy efficient, gentle on skin and enhances overall cellular energy production.

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We’re all looking for smart, innovative ways to keep our skin looking youthful and our bodies strong and energetic. Especially if we work hard in the office, spend time in the gym, or simply need a little pain relief as we age.

We developed the Nebula Red Light Therapy Device as a way to regain your youthful vigour while supporting your skin, joints, muscles and overall cognitive function. This unique device uses infrared light therapy to penetrate your skin, stimulate cellular regeneration, and increase energy production, so you can look and feel your best every day. It’s like a personalized spa or salon treatment that you can enjoy without ever leaving the house; and all through infrared lighting that supports you inside and out.

Nebula LED Red Light Therapy Device
Nebula LED Red Light Therapy 300w

Relieve Chronic or Acute Aches and Pains
While red light therapy does help stimulate cellular regeneration to keep skin soft and supple, it can also penetrate further to treat common musculoskeletal problems like joint pain, soft tissue pain, and other fitness or work-related muscle aches.

Reduce Fatigue and Recovery Times
An especially great recovery tool for avid athletes and those active in fitness, weightlifting, hiking, or running, our LED light therapy can reduce oxidative stress in the muscles so you can recover more quickly and get back to working out fast.

Nebula LED Red Light Therapy Device

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Carla Sidney-Woollett
Excellent value

I paid a lot more for a similar lamp before buying this. It's light, compact & easy to use

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