Trolley for Nebula LED Red Light Therapy Device (600W)


  • OPTIONAL STAND: Compatible with 600W Nebula Red Light Therapy devices. Enjoy 360 degrees of movement, save storage space, and reap the benefits of red light therapy. No hooks, or cables required.
  • TAILORED FACE AND BODY COVERAGE: A large, versatile design. You can sit close to use red-light therapy to tone your whole body fully exposed to target stiff knees, sore lower back, aching muscles and more.
  • ADVANCED NEBULA LED RED LIGHT THERAPY: An innovative and effective way to nourish your face and body, this red-light therapy system utilizes 660nm-850nm wavelengths in a 1:1 nanometre ratio, reduce joint pain and restore natural energy.
  • IN-HOME SPA-QUALITY TREATMENTS: Our LED red light therapy panel trolley accessory provides a unique salon-like experience that may help replenish your body.
  • TRUSTED UK COMPANY: We are a UK-based company that offers a wide range of high quality products. Our company is also committed to providing excellent customer service.

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